The Brick Bar and Grill

Originally published in Land+Lake Magazine March/April 2017

Originally published in Land+Lake Magazine March/April 2017

The residents of Marshall County know it's hard to keep a good place down, and thanks to new owners Greg Cole and Steve Perreault, The Brick Grill & Bar has taken it's rightful place as the preeminent location in Marshall County for food, fun, and libations.

Located at 373 Gunter Ave. in Guntersville, the place has a history all its own. But what's most exciting about this reborn hot spot is the future it holds as an anchor to the resurging downtown Guntersville area.

And with Greg and Steve at the helm, it's only going to get better.

In fact it would be hard to imagine two individuals better suited.

The pair are quite alike in many ways, and completely different in others, but the dynamic that exist between the two friends makes for a perfect partnership. And perhaps the strongest testament to the pair is how highly their staff and patrons think of them.

"Steve and I are total opposites," says Greg. "I'm more of the cool, calm, collected type. He's like a live wire. I swear if you stand real close to him it sounds like electricity. He literally hums like high voltage."

The juxtaposition of the two personalities makes for a rare and amazing harmony and balance.

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Patrick Oden