The Brick Grill & Bar

Sun - Thurs 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday & Saturday 11 a.m. until Midnight

Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights
8 p.m.

Call ahead for carry out.
373 Gunter Ave.
Guntersville, Ala. 35976

Now Serving Brunch
Sat - Sun 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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Origionally published in Land+Lake Magazine March/April 2017

Origionally published in Land+Lake Magazine March/April 2017

The Brick Grill & Bar

The residents of Marshall County know it's hard to keep a good place down, and thanks to new owners Greg Cole and Steve Perreault, The Brick Grill & Bar has taken it's rightful place as the preeminent location in Marshall County for food, fun, and libations.

Located at 373 Gunter Ave. in Guntersville, the place has a history all its own. But what's most exciting about this reborn hot spot is the future it holds as an anchor to the resurging downtown Guntersville area.

And with Greg and Steve at the helm, it's only going to get better.

In fact it would be hard to imagine two individuals better suited.

The pair are quite alike in many ways, and completely different in others, but the dynamic that exist between the two friends makes for a perfect partnership. And perhaps the strongest testament to the pair is how highly their staff and patrons think of them.

Words and images by Patrick Oden - © 2017

Words and images by Patrick Oden - © 2017

"Steve and I are total opposites," says Greg. "I'm more of the cool, calm, collected type. He's like a live wire. I swear if you stand real close to him it sounds like electricity. He literally hums like high voltage."

The juxtaposition of the two personalities makes for a rare and amazing harmony and balance.

The two met roughly a decade ago when Steve bought Greg's favorite spot in Hampton Cove, a dive called The Corner. Like with the Brick, Steve saw the potential of the place and quickly gave it an overhaul. Greg continued to frequent the location, now named Carson's after Steve's son, and the two became fast friends.

"Most of my knowledge of Steve was this fast talking 90-to-nothing guy that made my bar better," Greg says.

A couple of years passed and Greg began to pick Steve's brain about the restaurant business. Greg was running a successful landscaping business in Huntsville but was itching to get back in to the business.

"When the opportunity in Guntersville came up Steve asked me if I was interested. Once I knew what building he was talking about I was in ... and all in."

Two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, it's what they do have in common that forged the bond that ultimately made The Brick a reality.

Both men had grown up in military families, spending their respective youths being moved around. And both men started working in restaurants as teenagers.

"I originally started working in the restaurant business at 16 to earn money for a car and never looked back," Steve says. "During my career I've owned and worked for both chain and independently owned restaurants. I'm a very hyper, hands-on, and outgoing person, which fits well in the fast pace, high energy environment of the restaurant business."

For Greg, it's all about people.

"I have always loved restaurant work, the people ... the atmosphere" says Greg. "I love the prospect of pleasing people."

But at The Brick, it's not just about keeping the customer happy.

"We want our employees to enjoy working here," says Steve. "If you're happy at work it reflects in the service."

The two also share a philosophy of quality and consistency.

"All of our meat and vegetables are fresh, nothing frozen," adds Greg. "From our hand-breaded chicken tenders and mushrooms, to our fresh breads and colossal fries, it's just how we do things. Not that we charge more. We want to offer a good product at a reasonable price."

As it is with any new business, a course is charted at the onset, but good captains are flexible and realize that evolution trumps revolution.

It's with this attitude the guys are constantly looking for ways to improve not only the food but the experience of dining at The Brick.

A great example is Steve's quest for the best steaks available. Not completely pleased with the choice steaks they were receiving, he's moved to all prime cuts.

"The flavor and marbling are amazing," he says.

And with a menu that is both classic and expansive, it might be hard to decide what to order. So what are Greg and Steve's favorite dishes?

Steve loves the bacon wrapped shrimp.

"It's a fresh and fun flavor," Steve says. "Who doesn't love bacon," he adds with a smile.

"My favorite is the chicken nachos, mainly because I love junky food," Greg adds. "Chips, cheese, more cheese, and sour cream ... what's not to like?"

"I'm really proud of our shrimp and grits," Greg continues. "It's different than most people are use to eating. I love food that makes people say hmmm, that was different, but damn good."

But good food and good service aren't enough for these guys. They want their guest to have fun. To this end, they feature live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and the bounty of huge screens around The Brick ensures you have something to fix your attention on while you wait for your meal.

Don't like what's on the big screens? No problem, the guys have put guest controllable flat screens in every booth.

But they're not stopping there.

Overwhelmingly appreciative of the support they have received from the City of Guntersville and residents alike, they are focused on helping the progress and contributing to the needs of the downtown area.

In fact, the guys are quite excited about the new 8-seat golf cart they have coming. It will allow them to offer dockside delivery to the harbor as well as shuttle service from the harbor back to downtown.

"It was a breath of fresh air to have the city so involved, and to feel like they were just behind us ... so supportive," says Steve.

So what else can we expect from Guntersville's favorite new restaurant?

How about a Sunday brunch with a build your own Bloody Mary bar? It's coming.

The guys are also in the process of making some physical changes in the restaurant that will allow them to increase their beer offerings and a new late night menu is in the works as well.

In rare cases you come across a place that's good at face value, but made great by some intangible factor. For the lucky residents of Marshall County, this rare intangible quality exists at The Brick Grill & Bar in the form of good people and their shared passion and commitment to provide a quality product and experience for their guests.

If you've already had the chance to visit The Brick, you've likely keyed in on the positive energy in the air and had a great experience. If you haven't, grab that special someone or a dozen of your closest friends and make it a point to do so soon.